Are you looking for a gift for someone on their

  • birthday
  • wedding
  • anniversary or any other occasion

How about giving a gift that can be enjoyed regularly throughout the year?


Here you can choose from a large variety of magazines, order a gift subscription to a magazine of your choice, and choose your own greeting card with a personal message to the recipient. To give a subscription as a gift simply choose a magazine title in one of the categories. In the purchase section you will then need to enter your details as the billing address and add the recipient's details as the delivery address.

Once you have submitted your order you can then choose to send an Magazines-as-Gifts eCard to the recipient of the gift.

Our eCard option allows you to add your own personal message and send it to the recipient. If the recipient does not have a email address you can send the eCard to yourself, print it out and present it personally (maybe at a later date). Or, we can print out the card and send it to YOU. No contact will be made by us with the subscription recipient at all until they receive their subscription, unless you choose to have it sent immediately, when you place your order.  So it is up to you, the subscription donor, to present your gift card to the recipient.